Saturday, 12 February 2011

On Tori Amos

A review on "A piano Collection" that I wrote some time ago and just found in my laptop. 

As a real Tori junkie, I've got pretty much every cd, single, b-side, bootleg there is on her and for many years I've been making my own cd compilations as I'm getting bored with the ones I have. Every other year I would feel the urge to have a Tori month and I would make a new compilation [usually two or three cds] with my most favourite tracks that I've found from live performances or singles. These would always include "Winter", "Caught A Lite Sneeze", "Here In My Head", "Butterfly" and the rest would vary. In today's terms, that would be just a new playlist I guess, but for a long time I was in favour of the cd to the digital format. It's only in the last two years that I've gone completely digital and hence the need for a playlist this time.

I must admit that the only album I did not previously posses, was the extremely expensive "A piano collection" mainly due to the fact that I already had every song from there and I didn't deem it necessary to spend the money on it. Now, that I don't have the time to rip every cd I have and start selecting over and over again for a hundredth time, I decided to go for it and downloaded the digital version. And what a treat it is!

I must say, it is the one and only Tori compilation one will ever need, especially if they happen to be a new fan or someone who missed most of her releases. It has every good song she's ever written [ok, one or two are missing but there's always something missing, even in my own compilations...] and it's such a pleasure to have all these 86 great songs in one huge playlist and it goes on forever. I've been listening to it since last night and only now got to the end of it. And not even one song that I would need to remove from there.
It is truly an amazing collection and I'm very impressed by the immaculate selection and the way they were put together. Well-done to the record company and whoever else worked on the tracks.

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