Friday, 15 January 2010

'Heart Desires' Art Show @ Mo*Vida

I'm showing a few works on thursday 21st Jan [2010] at the art show 'Heart Desires' curated by Samir Chala at the exclusive Mo*Vida club in London!

                                                                    'Silhouettes' - diptych by O.Yordanov 2009

         KIN AGENCY FOR THE ARTS & LOVE Present:

An art exhibition reveling in the objects of our heart's desires.
The exhibition reflects the desires we long for, what or whom we long to be with. Your desire is where your heart is. Your desire is your greatest treasure and will be your reward. Your desire is where you place your faith, hope, and love; it is where you expect that your desire will be satisfied. What you desire becomes your object of worship. In a word, it is love.

Curated By Samir Chala, Managing Director, KIN Agency for the Arts and Gallery Without Borders;  with the collaboration of Luciano Mancini, General Manager - Love, Milan; Dan Kapp, Communications Director - Movida, London, UK  and international artists from Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington D.C., Montreal, London,  Berlin and Milan.

                                               'Memories and Desires'
                                                                       O.Yordanov 2009

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